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Studio 19 is lends an imperative contribution to the Indian cinema through media and entertainment. Media and Entertainment of film is a hefty task that requires a lot of technical and strategic knowledge, as well as, implementation. Media and Entertainment that forms the spine or the framework on which the entire media structure rests. The team of professionals in Studio 19 films are constructed so as to possess the necessary elements of the craft of media and entertainment for delivering pioneer art works.

Bollywood Mr. & Miss India

Bollywood Mr. & Miss India is a pageant with fantastic opportunity for all aspirants to live their dream of winning a title and taking the first step for being recognized as a brand. This pageant conducts auditions in 64 cities, so that maximum aspirants get an opportunity to participate. Expert panel of choreographers, supermodels and celebs conduct the auditions, ensuring that no deserving candidate misses an opportunity to shine.

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