Under the Business Head Yash Ahlawat, the media and entertainment unit has grown by leaps and bounds and is set to flourish more in the coming years. The founder of the Studio 19, Mr. Ahlawat is a statesman who believes that it is the ambit and intensity of ambitions combined with skill that decides the fate of a movie and the performers. He has left no stone unturned in giving the right direction to wheels of the company. His charismatic persona and copacetic ventures have proved to be an amiable ray of hope to the umpteen seekers of movie career. As the authoritative entity of a media and entertainment house, Mr. Ahlawat has taken utmost care in observing and monitoring the intricacies of various aspects of movies. He is a patron and a true co-ordinator, whose executions envisages revaluation and reinvention that keeps the clock of an enterprise ticking.

The media and entertainment division of Studio 19 deals with all the stages of creating the Silver Screen wonders, which we call movies. Right from the development stage, where conceptualisation takes place, to pre media and entertainment hiring, set building and preparation; from deploying post media and entertainment editing and effect infusion to the marketing and distribution of the final product; media and entertainment process goes through a lot of filtration and modifications to reach the final stage. Studio 19 exercises great proficiency in getting through the levels one by one in an extraordinary manner.

Media and Entertainment is the core requisite for generation of flicks like any business activity and is also one of the important portfolios of Studio 19. The firm has poured investments in some of the prominent works of Bollywood in the last few years and have been rewarded substantially by the returns. In dearth of media and entertainment resources, a flick-in- media and entertainment loses its much needed sheen that comes through employment of latest technology and an outstanding talented crew. The movies have set new standards in terms of unconventional media and entertainment and thus have been warmly received.

They say that a good start is when the job half-done and same applies to the contemporary movie industry. Innovative ideas and effective gimmicks are the essence of accomplishment in cinema today, since people are more attracted by the presentation and packaging in the first instance. Also, the international reach of native Indian films, has necessitated the inclusion of edgy contents along with standard modern techniques in the media and entertainment process. For incorporations in media and entertainment work, Studio 19 understands and assesses the need of the hour and adopts such styles that are tailor-made for setting trends and gaining accolades.

Bollywood Mr. & Miss India

Bollywood Mr. & Miss India is a pageant with fantastic opportunity for all aspirants to live their dream of winning a title and taking the first step for being recognized as a brand. This pageant conducts auditions in 64 cities, so that maximum aspirants get an opportunity to participate. Expert panel of choreographers, supermodels and celebs conduct the auditions, ensuring that no deserving candidate misses an opportunity to shine.

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