Bollywood Mr. & Miss India 2017 Season 1

An au-courant media and entertaionment company, Studio 19 is a provider of wings to various dreams. We manage and arrange various glitzy events in tandem with the fashion and movie world for promotional and contracting purposes. Honing fresh faces for performing in theatres, on small screen, as well as, celluloid is large part of our trade. As a progressive agency, we intend to identify, nurture and polish potential talents in order to prepare them for a promising future in glamour industry.

With some of the innovative concepts, storyline under our belt, Studio 19 is gradually advancing towards media and entertainment. Cinema is an inseparable part of our society and is the genesis of various trends since olden times. It depicts, exaggerates and dramatises lives and living beings. From ages, many individuals have been attracted to the opportunities that catapult them to the Big Screen.

Bollywood Mr. & Miss India 2018 Season 2

The fashion and movie arena go hand in hand to a great extent. The latter has welcomed many models, who carved a niche for themselves in the former field. At the same time, the changing dimensions of the latter has influenced the former industry and vice versa. However shallow they seem, the bandwagons are mines of phenomenal artistic sense.

It is the owner of these art forms that Studio 19 puts forward through their events and new ventures. The firm is an excellent launch pad for the numerous enthusiasts who are bitten by the acting or modelling bug and who have it in them, the inextinguishable flame of success. The agency works incessantly towards achieving the best results in terms of extracting the optimum out of the aspirers. We are a comprehensive institution for educating the learners about the fundamentals and the advanced methodologies of the enchanting world of cinema. We also lend the entrants, a systematic and efficacious platform to showcase their raw talent.

Bollywood Mr. & Miss India 2019 Season 3

Studio 19 is a brainchild of Vishal Duggal, an eminent personality, who had envisioned the need to encourage fresh individuals in the ever dynamic field of modelling and acting. A skilled actor and Director himself, Mr. Vishal Duggal is accredited with many feathers in his cap including financing of a series of flicks. With his maverick business ideas and Midas touch, he diversified an agency for freshers into a reputed media and entertainment House for films. A movie connoisseur, with thorough belief, he is the man behind the formation many success stories.

Serving our business house and simultaneously keeping the film lovers and trend followers pleased, is our primary motto. In our endeavour to champion multiplicity and authenticity of the craft, we strive for nothing less than immaculacy and flexibility. Under the supervision of Vishal Duggal and a team of diligent personnel, we are bound to add many more milestones to our journey of actualising cinematic and modelling brilliance.

Bollywood Mr. & Miss India

Bollywood Mr. & Miss India is a pageant with fantastic opportunity for all aspirants to live their dream of winning a title and taking the first step for being recognized as a brand. This pageant conducts auditions in 64 cities, so that maximum aspirants get an opportunity to participate. Expert panel of choreographers, supermodels and celebs conduct the auditions, ensuring that no deserving candidate misses an opportunity to shine.

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